Dynasol Elastomers operates in more than 70 countries and offers worldwide distribution of innovative elastomers under the well-known Calprene® and Solprene® trademarks.

For nearly three decades, we have created some of the world's most flexible and dependable polymers, especially for the asphalt, adhesives and compounding industries. Our tried-and-true products are in the field today in thousands of applications in hundreds of industries.

With Dynasol, you have access to a full range of ready-to-order polymers, global distribution capabilities, and fully equipped technology centers, pilot plants, and R&D centers. That means we can fulfill your polymer orders – even on tight timelines or for remote destinations.

Our Essence

Dynasol is defined by a culture of service, innovation, quality, and the dependable performance of our products in a variety of applications. We hold true to these core values.

We seek to maintain our position as an international leader in the production and marketing of styrene-butadiene elastomers through focused customer satisfaction, ever-evolving innovation, laser-like attention to our workforce, and the care we take regarding the environment in each of our processes.

Achieving these objectives is our management's top priority. We are steadfastly committed to total quality, teamwork, technological development, innovation, legal compliance, and the continuous improvement of our quality management system.