Dynasol offers more than a dozen products for use in sealant formulations that ensure reliable and long-lasting performance for a broad range of applications. Many of our sealants are FDA-approved for use in food-grade appplications.

Our state-of-the-art sealants are:

  • Formulated to withstand extreme hot or cold.
  • Designed to adhere to a wide range of surfaces.
  • Available for a variety of applications
  • Formulated to provide excellent elasticity and mechanical properties
  • Available in colorless, gel-free, and non-staining formulations.

We have production facilities in North America, Europe, and very soon in Asia – and we have 7 warehouses and 5 research facilities worldwide. So no matter where you live and what type of sealant you need, Dynasol can provide the right solution.

Product Comparison: Sealants

SEBS Products

Grade Structure Styrene % Brookfield Viscosity (cps) Ozone Resistance Available in:
CH-6110 Linear 30 470(1) Excellent Pellets / Powder
CH-6120 Linear 32 1900(1) Excellent Pellets / Powder

SSBR Products

Grade Styrene % Polystyrene % Mooney Viscosity ML 1+4 Styrene Sol. Viscosity (cps) Available in:
S-1217 25 17.5 47(8) N/A Bales


(1) 20% solid content in toluene, 25°C

(8) 100ºC.