Hydrogenated Rubber styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene (SEBS)

Dynasol's SEBS hydrogenated elastomers provide just the right combination of strength, temperature resistance, and flexibility. Our SEBS products are compatible with hundreds of demanding applications, from personal hygiene products and sports equipment to electronics and automotive parts.

Additionally, all of our SEBS elastomers are:

  • UV-and ozone-resistant.
  • Capable of standing up to extreme heat and cold without breaking down or warping.
  • Designed to blend seamlessly with polyolefins for use in applications such as footwear and auto parts.
  • Oil absorbent.
  • FDA-approved for use in food storage, personal hygiene products, children’s toys, and athletic equipment.

Product Comparison

Dynasol offers several high-quality SBS products for a variety of applications

Grade Structure Styrene % Brookfield Viscosity (cps) Ozone Resistance
CH-6110 Linear 30 470(1) Excellent
CH-6120 Linear 32 1900(1) Excellent
CH-6140 Linear 31 400(2) Excellent
CH-6144 Linear 31 400(2) Excellent
CH-6170 Linear 33 2300(2) Excellent
CH-6174 Linear 33 2300(2) Excellent


(1) 20% solid content in toluene, 25°C

(2) 10% solid content in toluene, 25°C